Theraplay® South West is proud to be partnered with Beacon Family Services, Gecko Community and Emma Spillane.


Bespoke packages of support can be discussed and delivered based on your families needs. This includes advocacy, listening support and therapeutic intervention.


Groupwork and training with a focus on trauma informed approaches, neurodiversity, sensory processing and Theraplay® can be offered. Please explore this site to find out more os use the contact information to get in touch with Catherine Eveness. 



Positive Neurodivergent Identity

Central to all of my work is pride in advocating for positive neurodivergent identity with professionals, families, children and young people. Providing support and understanding as a neurodivergent practitioner is core to my values.


Watch this space....

Catherine also has experience in working with sexuality and gender questioning, LGBTQI+ young people. Information about parent support groups to follow. 

Please make contact to discuss your support needs.

Virtual and in person Theraplay groups can be lead in schools, and community settings. Please also see opportunities for Just Right State group programmes. 

Please make contact if you would like information to share with your school or organisation. 

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