What is Theraplay®?

Theraplay® is a family based therapy that aims to enhance and build, attachment, self-esteem and trust in others. Encouraging joyful engagement between carers and children. 

Theraplay® interactions focus on four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships; structure, engagement, nurture and challenge.

Our Theraplay® sessions create an active emotional connection between the child and carer, resulting in a changed view of the self as worthy and loveable. Building positive and rewarding relationships for families and carers from the inside out.  


We understand that committing to therapy for your child is a major decision, often made when the family is in crises or has “tried everything else.” One of the major advantages of Theraplay® is that change can happen very quickly once sessions begin. So, even though the first meetings are more about “getting to know you and your child”, you will probably notice significant progress shortly thereafter.

Your first appointment is an information-gathering interview, preferably with both parents. Next, we ask you and your child to complete a set of simple tasks together. This is called the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM) assessment. The MIM is videotaped, and your therapist will look at the video in preparation for your next appointment at which you and your therapist will discuss the interaction between you and your child and the therapist’s recommendation for treatment.

At your next session, your therapist may demonstrate with you the Theraplay® activities in order to familiarize you with what to expect. Theraplay activities are playful and fun, and done in combinations that focus on your child’s needs for structure, engagement, nurture and challenge—the four Theraplay®dimensions.

Then, Theraplay® Informed Practice sessions begin with your child on dates and times arranged with you at regular intervals. Six sessions are initially planned with your child, and with parent/carer only sessions in between to talk about how the sessions are going.

Need more information or to arrange an initial consultation?

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