Who is Theraplay for?


Theraplay® Informed Practice is suitable for a wide range of families with children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. Families with one or two parents, birth, fostered and/or adopted children can all benefit from Theraplay®

There is a sound foundation of research highlighting that family interaction patterns have been found to improve with Theraplay®.

After completing sessions children have been consistently reported by professionals to reveal greater self-esteem, improved behaviour and an enhanced capacity to make meaningful connections with others. 

Theraplay® can be beneficial when parents or carers are experiencing behaviour issues in their children such as:

Shy, withdrawn or clingy behaviour

Disruptive, angry and anxious behaviour

Defiant, oppositional or controlling behaviour

Problems at school or with their peers

Having a history of trauma neglect, abuse or attachment issues.

Theraplay® can be beneficial for parents in order to allow them to:

Understand what may be causing the child to behave in this way

Learn a different approach to interacting with their child to help promote improved attachment relationships moving forward

Focus on rebuilding the bond and connection between adult and child

Experience a greater sense of connection and happiness as a family.

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