About Theraplay​®​ South West

Catherine Eveness
Bristol Lead Theraplay Informed Practitioner
07823 336453
I am a Foundationally Certified Theraplay Practitioner. I am committed to providing high quality Theraplay Informed Practice to children who have experienced trauma, having been Looked After and adopted as well as any family who wish to build their attunement and focus on fine tuning their attachment relationships. Allowing children and their parents to develop their capacity to co regulate and recover from trauma is particularly rewarding.
Kirstie Hutchinson
Devon Lead Theraplay Informed Practitioner
07403 441588
I am an Independent Therapeutic Social Worker and a passionate and dedicated practitioner in supporting children and families with Theraplay Informed Practice and assessment work. I want children to grow up with confidence, feeling worthy and loved where they can build trusting relationships with their parents and carers.
Ali Cliffe
Theraplay Lead for Bath and North East Somerset
I am a Certified Theraplay Practitioner, trainer and supervisor. My background is in Early Years Education and I have over 20 years experience of working with children with additional needs as a respite carer and personal assistant. I'm currently employed by Bright Start Children's Centre as the lead Theraplay Practitioner providing strategic development to ensure children's social, emotional and mental health needs are prioritised.
Carly Barrett-Greening
Theraplay Lead for Dorset
07850 732303
Carly Barrett-Greening is a creative attachment and trauma practitioner, consultant and supervisor, with a background in social work and psychology studies. In 2018 Carly became a Listed Fully certified Theraplay® therapist and supervisor implementing Theraplay® Informed practice. In 2016 Carly achieved Level two Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and is undertaking the practicum to become fully certified in DDP. Carly has worked in Children & Young People’s services for 22 years.
Gemma Hale
Bristol Theraplay Informed Practitioner
I am a Foundationally Certified Theraplay Informed Practitioner. My background is in social work including working with children in foster care, kinship care and adoptive families. I have trained in DDP and Theraplay and have over 20 years experience working with children and families in a variety of settings. I am passionate about working with children, carers and their families to help to build strong connections and develop relationships.
Emma Spillane
Attachment & Trauma Trainer/Education Consultant
A psychology graduate & qualified teacher with experience in both primary & secondary settings (& in support roles in higher education), I’m also an adoptive parent to two amazing children & have been delivering training & consultancy for the past few years to education settings. I am currently studying for a L5 Diploma in Working with Complex Trauma & PTSD, and believe everyone has the right to access trauma-informed support & to ultimately lead a fulfilling life.

The focus for Theraplay® South West is on providing Theraplay® Theraplay South WestInformed Practice in an accessible way for families with a strengths based approach. The aim is to build on what is already working well in your family with an accepting and nonjudgemental attitude!

Need more Information about Theraplay?

 If you would like more information about Theraplay please contact the Theraplay Institute or have a look at their website at www.theraplay.org. or email them at info@theraplay.org

Executive Director; Gayle Christenson

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