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Just Right State Virtual Programme is LIVE in June 2021! Feedback to follow!


Beacon Family Services have produced some incredible resources which can be found here; Resources for Relationship Building - Beacon Family Services (


Theraplay Group Training to be delivered with Andy Baker, Theraplay UK, to CCS Adoption Tots Group and wider staff members to begin their journey of being a Theraplay informed organisation. Supporting a fundraising bid, prior to to impact of covid 19, and seeing this project through it will be so rewarding to actually see this project start now! Peer Supervision groups for CCS Adoption Tots Group will take place 6 weekly to support the staff to implement the training and support their practice. Please make contact if you are interested in training and peer supervision groups for your organisation. 


Training Opportunities

Level One Theraplay Training.

In September 2021 in Bath a Level One Theraplay Training is taking place. The training will take place in a hybrid virtual model with 4 days online and one day in person. Dates and venue to follow. 

Please also see Theraplay UK website for more information about alternative courses. 

Bath Theraplay Peer Support Sessions

The next Bath Peer Support Session for those who have completed Level 1 Theraplay training as a minimum will be lead on 21st June 2021. Confirmation for an in person or virtual group is to follow. Please email me in my LA role at for more information or to confirm attendance. 

Midlands Theraplay Peer Support sessions 

Peer support sessions in the Birmingham are take place quarterly. Dates for in person or virtual sessions will follow. Please email or for more information. Please see Theraplay UK website for further opportunities for peer support. 



Please make contact to discuss your support needs.

Virtual and in person Theraplay groups can be lead in schools, and community settings. Please also see opportunities for Just Right State group programmes. 

Please make contact if you would like information to share with your school or organisation. 

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