"I would say out of all the courses I have taken so far, Theraplay has been the most effective. Years later I am still falling back on the nurturing games and activities Catherine taught me. They repair us and gives us a chance to reset and move forward. It's amazing how much I remember too. It's as though Theraplay has become part of my normal parenting now...and I'm so glad it has!"

Anon, from an adoptive parent to a 9 year old.


"It’s given me something positive, easy and fun to do with my children using easily available items from around the home......It is hard, when looking after a child with additional needs, to find positive ways to engage...so this is particularly useful.

As a parent I become drained, depressed, stressed, and exhausted (because of my son’s additional needs), so it’s really nice to have an opportunity to think about how to engage positively with him."

Anon, from an adoptive parent of two children.


"Theraplay with Catherine was a new experience for us at Pre School.  The first time we had a session with the child concerned, is a session I will never forget.  To see her relax and respond was an emotional moment, many firsts were seen during this session.  The feeling of 'love' between the child and practitioner was amazing to be part of.  We have continued these sessions every week with the child, some more successful than others but every time there is always a small 'achievement or first'

Anon, a Pre School Manager.  


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